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Read about the election and don't give a fuck for a change

If you are tired of the world's most important presidential election, here are a couple of lines about the world's least important one.

Today was the election day here in Moldova. Two main candidates have some similarities to Trump and Clinton. Like Clinton, Maia Sandu is a woman, is backed up by the ruling party and has been caught lying quite a bit (not quite as much as Hillary but then it is difficult for most to touch that level). And Igor Dodon, the opposition candidate has a pro-Russian stance and like Trump is often blamed to be in love with Putin. Unfortunately that's where the similarities end, no pussies and Wieners in this election.

None of the candidates got the 50 percent of the votes necessary to win in the first round but Dodon came very close with almost 49 percent while Sandu got almost 38 percent. So they move to the second round.

It is quite surprising that most people here voted to fuck off the EU (Sandu is pro-EU, it is her main thing) and to strengthen the relationship with Russia (Dodon's main campaign talking point). EU seems to have lost its allure not only to some of its richest members, like the UK but even to some of its poorest candidates like Moldova. So much so that they would rather run back to Putin.
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