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I know nothing about fashion, do not care about it, almost never notice it and have zero fashion sense. In the last couple of months I spent most of my time (except meeting at the ministries and the embassy) in cargo shorts only (yeah, no shoes, no underwear) and it was awesome. Too bad it is too cold for it now.

When I saw this dress (yeah, failed to focus on it properly) in Camden Market though, I somehow immediately thought of usagi_moon and "saw" her face above it. I have no idea why, especially because based on what I know about her I could assume (probably ignorantly) that she likes to wear a lot of black stuff. Still, even when I saw this photo I immediately remembered about usagi_moon and thought that she would rock it. That was unusual.

If I remember correctly, the price tag was GBP 550 (USD 670).

Tags: camden, camden market, fashion, london, uk
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