topum (topum) wrote,

I bought a second house in the village

We had a great day today. I bought another house in the village, this time for our private use, whenever we decide to visit. I don't think we will be spending more than a couple of weeks a year here going forward but I really liked the house and the awesome large piece of land bordering the forest coming with it. We also have three springs on our land, one of them with mineral water and two wells. I wanted to buy this house for a while but it wasn't on the market until now.

The house will be renovated, which shouldn't take very long since it is small and we want to keep it simple as it originally was. But this will be done in spring when we won't be here.

I took this picture of a small part of the land coming with the house this summer, when I first saw it (and it only gets better further down where the views start). I am quite chuffed.

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