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The other presidential election

If the US election is the the most important and watched in the world, Moldovan presidential election probably is exactly on the other end of the spectrum, so alternating between the most and the least important presidential election in the world is fun.

Moldova will be electing its president on October 30. People here do not care about the debates or the candidates though. They say that the country is under the mafia's yoke and "all this circus doesn't matter".

The candidates here were supposed to open the campaigning period (limited to one month) with a debate. One of the candidates did not show up and instead made his campaign opening speech in Iasi, the main city of the part of Moldova which is still part of Romania. He is in favour of Moldova reuniting with its mother country Romania and told the people that he hoped to become the president so that he could become unemployed as soon as possible thereafter.

Back in Moldova the debate moderator opened with a question for the candidate on the other end of the spectrum who is in favour of severing the ties with the EU and deepening the ties with Russia as much as possible instead. The moderator asked "Well, we have one candidate opening his campaign in Iasi and we are surprised that you are here with us opening your campaign in Moldova and not in Barnaul*. What happened?"

*Barnaul is a Russian city in Siberia I was told.
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