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Wine day

It was national wine day here in Moldova today. A huge street party in the capital and other locations with a lot of drinking. I wonder if I will ever be sober again. Moldovans are telling me that nobody will now until after the New Year. But we do need to work.

Everyone at the party was very friendly. After I split from our hosts for fifteen minutes I ended up with this:

Some people just gave this straw bag to me all of a sudden and some other people who were selling their stuff there just put some of it in the bag. I ended up with two bottles of wine (1993 vintage), a huge bottle of brandy, a huge 500g dark chocolate bar, some huge unripe tomatoes and a quince (actually two I think). Nobody wanted to take any money for this, they just laughed and gave this to me, it was nice but very strange. When our hosts found me already with this bag they were quite surprised as well but then they thought that the people who gave this to me must have been from one of the villages not far from ours and they knew me / about me and the work we have been doing in the village.

I still managed to drop in for the opening of the coworking opened here in the capital with Norway's Ministry's of Foreign Affairs support last week between the weddings. I will invest a little bit in one of the local startups here before I go just for fun and to support the initiative. But I must sober up for that. And we do need to get back to work.
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