topum (topum) wrote,

Young love overload

All this young love we are surrounded by here makes me feel grateful that I am not a teenager anymore. I thought that spring was the time when young lovers become crazy but apparently it is autumn in Moldova. They say that their blood is half wine and half fire about themselves here but some of these youngsters are making me suspect that it is mostly wine. Or vodka mixed with beer.

Some dramatic shit is going on two houses down the road from our hosts' house. Something about the father catching some boy climbing in or out of his daughter's window. Well, if true that was really stupid of them. There are special places at the edge of the village here which, as we learned, have been used for generations for that thing. Their strategic locations are proven to minimise the chance of getting caught. Rumour has it that quite a number of the villagers were conceived there).

The village will be busy discussing the details tomorrow.
Tags: moldova
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