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Ilinca's fiance

We met Ilinca's fiance today. Wow, what a solid guy. We need more eighteen-year-olds like him. The amount of responsibility this guy handles at his age is astonishing. As are his curiosity, mental strength and determination. This is definitely not the guy to sit on the couch for hours and hours and watch people pretend to be someone else in fake stories someone invented (and then, quite understandably, spend the rest of the day compiling the excruciatingly detailed list of minuscule anxieties and microaggressions) but the guy who gets out of the house by 6am every day rain or snow and does shit. I am not surprised Ilinca fell for him as hard as she did, in a couple of hours we spent with him he won us all over too.

It is so funny to watch how she looks at him when he talks. It is like she is afraid to miss a single sound or a single eye blink of his and she looks so proud of him too and after about one minute she starts getting this redness in her cheeks and that sparkle in her eyes. And when he sees her, that microexpression of extreme tenderness so not fitting his hard and usually very serious face comes over it for a split second. It is almost uncomfortable to watch as if you are seeing something too intimate, something you were not supposed to see. Eighteen year old kids, ha ha.

We ended up talking for a couple of hours and found quite a number of ways to collaborate with the guy (he does quite a lot of stuff in his village, which is not far from ours, Ilinca will be moving there after the wedding).

In the meantime we had another girl "stolen" from the village by a guy from the neighbouring village. And what a romantic story it was. Unfortunately it was not without a victim and a broken heart. I'll have to write a separate entry on that one but I hate writing so much that I probably will picture spam you for a while as usual before I get to it.

Some background about Ilinca is here.
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