topum (topum) wrote,

On being a muse

I think I can talk about it now that I am a muse and an inspiration.

In the old days artists got inspired by the superior strength and incredible acts of courage and perseverance of the old day heroes. I am not like the old day heroes. I managed to inspire by cowardly fleeing from a bunch of birds.

This is the drawing of me bunn got inspired to draw after she read this entry. Thank you bunn!

The original entry in bunn's journal is here. I like the drawing a lot, the geese look every bit as scary as they are in real life and I run like a bitch exactly like I do in real life. I usually have much less hair at the back, most of mine is at the top and at the front and now I have no hair at all because of this of course. But otherwise it is an awesome drawing, which I put on my desktop.

So, if you have given up on ever being a muse, don't. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it. To speed things up a bit you might want to find some geese in your area and try to hang out with them. It worked for me.
Tags: art
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