topum (topum) wrote,

Chateau Mimi

We got invited to the opening of Chateau Mimi (Castel Mimi) here on 17th. It was built by Constantin Mimi, who was a very famous winemaker here and they have just finished its restoration. Constantin Mimi's descendants now live in the U.S.

Moldova is all about wine. Tiny as it is, it is the twenty-second largest wine producing country in the world. And the first or second (after Belarus) in terms consumption of alcohol per head.

It is going to be a big event headlined by some Russian band that was described to us as "cult" and "iconic". The name of the band is "Time Machine". It was banned from performing during the Soviet times but still was incredibly popular then apparently. We are looking forward to all the wine and life music.

The picture is not mine, I will post mine after the event.
Tags: moldova, wine
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