topum (topum) wrote,

Ilinca is spoken for

We came back to the village in the evening and a lot is going on here. All the women are gone to Ilinca's house. One of the girls we met at the edge of the village was in a hurry to get there with a big plate of home-made pastries. Our host greeted her and asked her something but she did not even stop just told him "Ilinca is spoken for!" and kept running.

Men are not welcome at Ilinca's house tonight (including her dad and brothers!) and straight from the fields we all went to some other house where three women had dinner prepared already for all the men in the village (because the wives are gone), they set up the table for us quickly and ran to Ilinca's house too.

Read more about Ilinca here.

We will know the details tomorrow.
Tags: ilinca, moldova
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