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Queuing for that special moment

Bride and groom sharing the wedding photographer with some other couples are waiting for their turn to fake and capture that special moment. The bride wasn't happy because of all the dusty wind. But I think with some help from Photoshop they should have been able to fake the weather too.

In fifty years:

Ahh, do you remember that special moment? How we queued up for our turn for half an hour and how slow those bastards before us were, the bride just could not strike that pose and smile at the same time (why are you even getting married if you can't fake happiness!?). And how we spent half an hour in that water trying all those poses and got shouted at by the crew. And how our feet bled because some evil tiny creatures kept nibbling on them. And how difficult it was to pretend to smile because I was so pissed off. And how it all looked nothing like it does in this picture. But how many likes those pictures got! And how much better they were than those from X's and Y's wedding. Ahhh...

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In Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Tags: bali, indonesia, nusa dua, wedding
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