topum (topum) wrote,

I am not built for fasting

Today was a fast day in the village, nothing except bread, vegetables and fruit was allowed (not even olive oil). We worked at the far edge of the forest and the kids brought us lunch there, which was well, bread, vegetables and fruit. Nobody in the village cooked anything else today.

In the evening however I had to drive to the nearby town to meet someone and I grabbed a quick dinner at a diner there. It is a very simple, no frills place but it is the most expensive diner in town.

I had this Greek salad:

And this chicken schnitzel with mash:

It was very good. I am definitely not a foodie though and can enjoy most of edible stuff.

The bill was around GBP 2.50 (Euro 3.10, USD 3.40, CAD 4.30).
Tags: food, moldova
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