Remember how I complained that all our volunteers were super normal this season and we didn't get any crazies from either the extreme left or the right side of the spectrum? Well, everything changed today when one of the first things one of our new volunteers did was refer to Hillary Clinton as "Hitlery".

This is very promising and is definitely going to spice up those evening drinks at the community centre. Getting a crazy leftie hell-bent on calling everyone out for cultural appropriation based on their diet, etc now would be perfect timing.


The Russians who are hosting the World Cup are really upset at Argentina's football fans who got this 15-year-old Russian girl who came to welcome foreign fans to Russia repeat after them and say "Hi Argentines! Please come to Russia, I want to suck your dicks" in Spanish, recorded it and posted it online. The girl doesn't speak Spanish obviously and thought she was just greeting and welcoming fans from Argentina in their native language.

This guy should try to leave Russia as soon as possible but I kinda hope that he hasn't yet. A lot of seriously scary Russians are looking for him to deliver some serious dick sucking fun to him but not quite in the way he hoped for apparently.


I am a goalie

We are in a World Cup mode here obviously. We have our big screen set up at the community centre, beer on tap, etc.

The local girls are not interested in football but they play the game of finding a look-alike footballer for every boy instead. It started with them noticing that one of our volunteers looked like Cristiano Ronaldo apparently and then they decided to find a footballer for everyone. They laugh a lot and look like they are having a lot of fun doing it. In many cases they have to base their decision on height, hair colour and style, etc rather than actual resemblance though.

I got Leicester City's and Denmark national team's goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel:

Me right now

They had the summer MMA fight night at the nearby town's sports school today. I was asked to participate and I fought one of our volunteers from Georgia (it was one of 15 fights at this event).

It is a very popular event here and a lot of people from the town, the neighbouring villages and other towns packed the venue, mostly men and boys, women generally have little interest in MMA or wrestling here. Helga hates it, can't watch it and, as usual she didn't go.

I won the fight in the third round by submission (triangle choke) but both of us took quite a beating and our fight was named the best fight of the night.

This is me right now (yeah I know, using Georges St-Pierre speaks volumes about my modesty):

Saint George the Compassionate

We are not religious but we go to church every Sunday here because the kid goes to church every Sunday. The Sunday liturgy is a big thing here where everyone gets to see everyone and he loves it.

So yesterday I saw this new unusual icon of Saint George at the church and it caught my attention. I could not take the picture of the actual icon inside the church but I found it on the internet:

So Saint George slew the dragon, which is lying dead in front of its cave but the problem George has now are the two little baby dragons who are now orphans because of him so he has to feed them and he does.

The icon is called Saint George the Compassionate, φιλεύσπλαχνος means "compassionate" in Greek. I am not sure how compassionate the mother of the two rabbits / wild pigs (or whatever they are) which he killed to feed them to the baby dragons finds him but I guess that's not the point here.


A dude in the village not far from ours had a fight with his girlfriend, got drunk and went to her house with a hand grenade to look for her. A drunk dude with a fucking hand grenade, guys. She wasn't at home but her brother was so the dude decided to use the grenade on him. He took the safety pin out but then they somehow managed to get him to the outskirts of the village where he threw the grenade into the field so nobody died.