Saint George the Compassionate

We are not religious but we go to church every Sunday here because the kid goes to church every Sunday. The Sunday liturgy is a big thing here where everyone gets to see everyone and he loves it.

So yesterday I saw this new unusual icon of Saint George at the church and it caught my attention. I could not take the picture of the actual icon inside the church but I found it on the internet:

So Saint George slew the dragon, which is lying dead in front of its cave but the problem George has now are the two little baby dragons who are now orphans because of him so he has to feed them and he does.

The icon is called Saint George the Compassionate, φιλεύσπλαχνος means "compassionate" in Greek. I am not sure how compassionate the mother of the two rabbits / wild pigs (or whatever they are) which he killed to feed them to the baby dragons finds him but I guess that's not the point here.


A dude in the village not far from ours had a fight with his girlfriend, got drunk and went to her house with a hand grenade to look for her. A drunk dude with a fucking hand grenade, guys. She wasn't at home but her brother was so the dude decided to use the grenade on him. He took the safety pin out but then they somehow managed to get him to the outskirts of the village where he threw the grenade into the field so nobody died.


A lot of pink

I had to go to London for a couple of days but I am now back to Moldova for about a week. I'll go back to London for about a week again in about week.

We all smell of sage here. It was overcast when I took this photo but here it is, it's still a lot of pink.

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My eleven lunch buddies

I worked at the nature reserve today. They needed someone to help with hard physical labour and I was the obvious choice to be sent there so we lent me and a couple of our guys to them. They lend their guys to us too when we need help.

We had lunch there in the middle of the forest as well. When lunch time came I sat at the table and before my plate was placed in front of me, these eleven guys joined me:


No time for cooking

Helga has been trying to get the kid to cook or bake with her sometimes for a long time. Or at least have him play next to her while she cooks. He couldn't be less interested. Not even if he is offered unlimited amounts of flour to play with. He just ain't got time for cooking.


Here they are, the invaders from the neighbouring village:

But our border patrol is already ready for them on our side of the stream:

There won't be any fighting though, just latest gossip exchange.


This little dude was. And he got a piece of that.

All food is free at the village fair, anyone can ask for and get anything from any table. But one rarely has to ask, you'll be offered way more food than you can eat. Alcohol is free too.



Trânta is a type of wrestling which is native to Moldova and is a national sport here. Boys from neighbouring villages often wrestle each other at village fairs. The winner gets a ram. The boys in our village are good at it.

The guy on the right won this fight.

But it wasn't easy.

The other guy put up a good fight.

And didn't go down a couple of times when everyone thought there was nothing else he could do.