It's dinner and revolution time

So Elizabeth (this awesome American woman) decided to spend all her holiday time this year helping the manager of our Moldovan project as a volunteer. Which is awesome because I am not there. And because even if I were there, I would still do sfa and also because Elizabeth is just much better than me at it.

So just now she called me all hot and bothered to tell me about a million things going wrong there (the usual state of affairs so it's OK) plus a Ukraine-style revolution which is happening there at this very moment. I did not care to listen about any of the problems except the revolution though because it is the best thing that could happen there. I am glad that the Moldovan people are finally getting rid of the super corrupt and shameless oligarch who held that country hostage for a decade and practically destroyed that small nation. And for once the US State Department, the EU and Russia (!!!) all seem to support the Moldovan people in this effort and the US and the EU have even already recognised the legitimacy of the new government (which no longer includes the oligarch and his puppets). The US seemed to kinda quietly support him in the past though so it is a great development that they have had enough of him too. Man, when was the last time that we saw the West and Russia agree on a regime change in a country? And it is also a country at the NATO - Russia border. It just proves how truly awful that man is.

But back to the important stuff, which is dinner of course. I was talking to Elizabeth sitting on this lawn in front of our house here watching the day end (the sun has already left our lawn):

The kid was kicking the ball around just next to me and Helga was taking lamb out of the oven. The lamb is now on the table so if you will excuse me...

Ok, I am getting a couple of these then

OK, if they are saying that they are, then I am getting a couple of these. I have zero understanding of and interest in fashion so will have to rely on these guys. I suspect that Helga will not be thrilled to be seen with me when I will be rocking these but I won't let that stand between me and fashion.

Will they go well with a jacket too?
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I think he will be an ass man

The kid is fascinated with this mermaid statue in his favourite park here. But only from the back side. And to be completely honest and precise, only with the mermaid's ass. I think he will grow up to be an ass man. That's fine but for now I am going to make sure that he doesn't discover Kim Kardashian and her instagram too soon.

As you can see, the kid is not the only one who cannot resist the mermaid's ass, it looks way more polished then the rest of her (btw, is it sexist, objectification, rape culture, otherwise problematic in a million ways or the opposite, celebrating, empowering, owning sexuality, body and sex positivity etc?).

For completeness, here is the mermaid from the front:

Dinner party from hell

We just came back from a dinner party from hell. It was as close as a real life dinner can get to the dinner party from The Office I think. Everyone except me was very uncomfortable but I was fine and ate most of the food (it was good). I generally would not recommend throwing dinner parties when your marriage is falling apart though.

We need this

We need this and we need this soon:

I would be more than happy to exchange the London - Paris train for this (what is the point of Paris anyway?).

We need to bring back the NYLon supercity era which we started dreaming about briefly during the Concorde times. My brother used to fly Concorde between The City and The Street (Wall) and it was just going "over the pond" then.

All great cities are divided by rivers, NYLon the greatest of them all will be divided by an ocean. Who cares that the right bank and the left bank will be in different countries and on different continents, North and South London are in different universes but they still work fine as one city.

Yeah, yeah, I know, global warming, environment and stuff but let's still have this and maybe just nuke China with all its industry to compensate. Just think about all the good stuff that this massive improvement in connectivity between the world's two greatest cities will result in.

My shower

So we ended up going completely off the grid and into the wild (in Russia!) for a week and this was my shower and bathtub for the last week:

I normally only do showers and do not like bathtubs but this one (the deep bit just under the waterfall) was alright.

The kid is in his element in the wilderness and we have always known it of course. Still, his readiness to jump off any cliff into any river or stream or climb any tree or mountain (in mere seconds, like a wild cat) did catch even us off guard a couple of times. We all had a great time though.
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