We are talking about the upcoming UFC fights at the gym a lot obviously and the locals can't say "Gustafsson" (as in Alexander Gustafsson) for some reason, it is always "Guffstasson", which cracks me up.

I am trying to see if we will be able to be in Vegas end of December so that I can attend UFC 232 on 30th December to see the return of Jon Jones who will fight Alexander Gustafsson for the Light Heavyweight title.

Here is Alexander Lars-Åke Gustafsson (he looks like a proper Gustafsson to me and doesn't resemble a Guffstasson at all I think):

Can we all please agree

Can we all please agree that people who give those "A donation has been made in your name..." envelopes as presents instead of real gifts (when donations weren't requested) are pretentious assholes and dicks who suck all the joy out of life?

That's what you get

When it is 24C (75.2F) and plenty of sun in the second half of October. One of our cherry trees got confused and started flowering again:

Climate change I guess. Well, if it means that we can have two crops a year then I am all for it. Who cares that Africa will get burned off the face of the planet and half of the world will be submerged (just think how exciting diving trips will get). If we can have fresh local cherries and strawberries in December, I say let's go for it.

We meet again

Whenever we visit this monastery, I always run into this nun:

Here she is last year with a short explanation of what her outfit means:

A historic schism is going on in the Orthodox Church right now apparently. In a nutshell, Russia is severing ties with Constantinople because Constantinople granted to the Ukrainian Church autonomy from Moscow. It's all about politics again.

Pray for X

The "Pray for Moldova" concert apparently organised by some American evangelicals in Moldova's second largest city didn't turn out to be very popular with the locals:

And the woman in the middle was not a spectator, she was filming the concert. So it was just this guy in the wheelchair. I gotta say that the evangelicals really didn't splurge on the line up and stage / special effects.

It's all an illusion

As you know I love me a good illusion and I share only the best ones. This is a static image but your brain won't let you see it that way.

What if everything is just an illusion? Ok I am getting deep here and I have to stop because I am shit at it and who am I kidding? I have no depth at all. So here: