Evening Picigin

The game of Picigin is not only native to Split, it is native to one of Split's beaches, Bacvice (the most central city beach).

Apparently, it was born around 1908 when some students from Split who studied in Prague tried to introduce water polo they played in Prague to Split. They chose Bacvice beach for it, which is strange because while most of Split's beaches get very deep within a couple of meters from the shore, Bacvice is very shallow and playing water polo just did not work there. So the locals just tweaked it until it became Picigin, which is now a uniquely Splitan thing that the locals love and play daily at Bacvice beach right in the city centre.
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I did not wear myself out at the gym today and feel like getting involved (by trolling mostly) into the outrage crusade of the day. What is it today on Twitter? Who or what are we outraged at today? On whose behalf? Who said the wrong thing (which will definitely result in someone hearing it and going on a baby-killing spree of some sort) and must be canceled? I am in the mood to name and shame today and want to join an outrage mob (it was kinda quiet today) to get a hit of that moral high. The topic is not relevant, I can get outraged at anything. Thoughts, gang?

The Palace Cat

This dude is always here at this very step at the Diocletian Palace. The locals told us that he kicks other cats' asses all night protecting his territory and then he sleeps here at his favourite step all day happy that he successfully defended his palace again and is still the king of his castle. He does not engage with the people trying to pet him (you will get slapped on the wrist), he lives in a marble palace built by a Roman emperor for him and he ain't got time for that shit.

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What supplements do you take?

I have a number of friends who take handfuls of supplements every day. All kinds of stuff, NMN, NAD+, resveratrol, PQQ, ubiquinol, carnosine, etc. Let alone the spirulinas, the turmerics, the reishi and the fish oils of the world. The immunity stacks, the nootropic stacks, the longevity stacks. They eat this stuff, they take some of it sublingually and intranasally and they even use some of it as eye drops. I am not talking about a completely different group who are so hardcore that they are only interested in the stuff they can inject while lying in an oxygen hyperbaric chamber (that's a different discussion). All this is in the name of anti-aging and "peak health and performance". They also seem very passionate about how "science-based" their regimen is.

I don't take any supplements at all. We have access to the best food that there is, a varied diet of top-quality unprocessed, fresh, organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, free-range, wild, cold-pressed, extra-virgin, non-irradiated, you-name-it stuff. Greens, meats, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, teas, honey and of course custard. I am healthy and I train outside and swim daily and I think that it is all you need. My ancestors did not take any supplements and lived until very old age and remained active pretty much till the end.

What supplements do you take guys? Why?


Fractal diet

I was walking past a small street market today and one guy there had these two romanesco heads from his garden:

They were too fractal for me to just walk by them so I quickly took this picture of them with my phone and then bought them of course (I am a real bread winner). I can never not buy romaneso, it is too awesomely fractal.

I think I am going to invent a new diet fad to compete with paleo, Atkins, ketogenic, etc. My diet will require you to eat only fractal food, the more fractal the better. I'll find some fancy sounding justification for it later. I am not going to follow my diet myself though, I love steak too much and I am not fond of romanesco.
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