I love the USA

We are all over the place. This (see here) worked out but was moved from Vegas to LA at the last moment so I am in LA with no time for LJ unfortunately. I hope Gus, who of course is the underdog, will pull off an upset. Swedes are all around us here.

Boy, it's been years since I visited the US the last time and it is still as awesome as I remember it and I still love it. Americans are warm, friendly, fun and not even a quarter as nuts as they may have appeared to us on the outside in the last couple of years. We are having a blast here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. God bless America.

I hope y'all had a great Christmas.
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Back from London and Toronto

I came back from London and Toronto. London was busy, Toronto was fun (I watched UFC 231 Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega at Scotiabank Arena with my brother).

I am now settling back into our slow rural life with plenty of time for LJ again. I brought a lot of presents for the kid and we are racing radio remote control cars around our living room right now.

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I am no longer a stay at home dad

The kid and I went to pick Helga up from the station and when they saw each other they both behaved as if they were separated for at least a couple of months (Helga was away for less than two days). Unlimited happiness. Helga brought him a new truck and five new books. He went to bed with the truck and fell asleep super happy while Helga read one of the new books to him.

Good night

I didn't manage to put the kid to bed. He just won't go to sleep without Helga. He doesn't protest that she is not here, he just won't fall asleep without her. Helga had to put him to sleep via Skype. She read to him as usual and then he fell asleep. And in the morning he needs to see me and he won't let go until he does. He doesn't care much if we are there during the day but the check-in times are sacred. And it is morning for me and bedtime for Helga and it cannot be the other way around.

We had a great day though, the kid and his gang built a huge fortress in the middle of our living room and it still there.

I am a stay at home dad

Helga has to go to Bucharest for one and a half days and I am going to be a stay at home dad for a day. Helga prepared the food for two days and it seems that this is how she pictures the kid and I while she is away:

Obviously the reality will be more like this:

But Helga doesn't need to know that.


Last night a child froze to death in a village about 50 miles from us. His mother was walking home with him late at night, she was very drunk and it appears that she somehow dropped the child in the street, came home alone and fell asleep. The child was found by her neighbours in the morning but it was too late, the one-year-old froze to death by then.

This is the mother:

Helga has no skin when it comes to news like this. She just cries and cries and cries.