Russian insurrection

I am kinda not buying this whole Russian "insurrection" spectacle. It is weird and things do not quite add up. I don't know what they were doing or trying to do but I don't feel like buying it at its face value. I feel something else is going on.

Buttered myself up

I've just had 1 pound of clotted cream in one go. I ate it with a spoon. The kid loves it too, his version of having scones is basically clotted cream and jam with a couple of scone crumbs sprinkled on top. He is like me, he goes straight for the good stuff.

It is sad that there is no clotted cream in the US (I think it is because unpasteurised milk products are banned there since 1924) and it is basically classified as butter there. The dieticians say that men should not eat more than 30g of fat per day and that clotted cream alone had 250g of fat in it. I think the dieticians are full of it or they never had clotted cream or good butter. I do not care how much the cows fart, I would rather die scorched by the sun or swept away by the rising ocean than live in a world without butter and clotted cream.

PS: Also, "diary free ice cream" is not ice cream, "plant-based milk" is not milk. Skimmed/semi-skimmed milk is an abomination.

God save the king!

This coronation reality show is not nearly as good as the US presidential election, and it is not even close. The costumes are more elaborate, but there is no suspense and the drama is a couple of notches down. This to US election is what a quaint well-known British soap rerun on channel 4 is to a world premier of a huge universally anticipated Hollywood blockbuster.

Helga is not fond of the monarchy but she is still too British to deal with me making constant fun of all this. And my very English mother-in-law (who is not generally a fan of the royal family either) won't have any of it at all now. So I remembered that I also still have LJ. How have y'all been, LJ gang?

Do you want to make your blood boil? Check this out.

At a wedding in Uzbekistan (one of the former Soviet republics) the bride and the groom were playing a game on stage in front of the guests, they had to unwrap sweets as fast as possible (fun, I guess). The bride was faster and she won. And this is the price she paid for winning:

The wedding went on. The bride forgave the groom (she was asking for it anyway and was grateful to her husband for teaching her a lesson I guess). They are together, that girl had to leave her parents' house and is now living just with that guy in his house.

That girl's father who raised her from a baby and all her relatives were there in front of that stage and watched it. And nobody went up on that stage and broke the groom's every single limb in at least 3 places and then punched him in the face until it turned black and his toothless mouth was just a pool of blood. That's something I just do not get.


One of the stupidest things of our time is the hysterical unity around slogans that seems so pervasive these days, as well as repeating them ad nauseam as if they are magic spells and something can be achieved by just chanting them. I switch off the very moment slogans come into play, they are not making anyone think, they don't invite questions or answers and they are sooooo boring. I stop listening as soon a slogan is used in a discussion.


Do you think Biden should run in 2024? Will he be fit to run the U.S. and the West till 2028, especially in these trying times?

I miss top performers at their peak leading the free world. I miss the Obama / Bill Clinton vibe a lot.


The preparations for the battle for Donbass has been underway for a couple of days on both sides. This battle will be the biggest and the bloodiest battle in the 21st century. Ukraine's army will have close to 90,000 people there and will have some limited help from NATO (not its direct involvement though). The Russians have redirected their Kiev/Chernigov people there as well and will have at least as many people as the Ukrainians there to face them and probably more.

The world has not seen a battle on this scale in this century and Europe has not seen anything like this since WWII. A lot of people on both sides will lose their lives next week. The outcome of this battle to a large extent will determine the course of this war and the future of both countries.

PS: I went to Ukraine and back three times now. We were taking some people who got trapped there out and bringing them here to safety. That involved bribing a lot of people there, getting robbed at gun point and having to lie on the ground while bullets were flying around us. On that second trip I thought at some point that I would not make it back. I have never seen human tragedy and the collapse of civilization on that scale (obviously) and the war felt very different than I thought it would (and I was just barely on its outskirts and not in the thick of it of course).


European champions Italy will not play in the 2022 World Cup after being stunned by North Macedonia in their play-off in Palermo.

By North Macedonia....

Italy is out 2022 World Cup because they lost to North Macedonia.

What is happening to the world?