Americans, wash your asses!

So America basically wipes its ass with Canada's boreal forest. This does not seem very neighbourly.

One thing I took away with me from living and working in the parts of Asia with large Muslim communities is that I do not use toilet paper at all, only water. I only use paper when I have to use public toilets which do not allow for washing (in Singapore most public toilets do) and when I do, I use water as soon as I can afterwards. I cannot imagine going back to paper and saving the boreal forest is just another reason to stick with water I guess.

So Americans, wash your asses and save Canada's boreal forest! Also, a washed ass feels great.
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And then there was one

The New York Times ran a good piece on the fate of Moldova in a nutshell:

"Yet, for all his loneliness, Mr. Muntean says there is a kind of joy to the peace and solitude. He grows his own vegetables and makes his own honey. He lives among nature, disturbed only by the sound of his geese, in a valley he describes as a kind of heaven.

Besides, Mr. Muntean doesn’t always feel so alone when he sits in his cluttered farmyard — next to his chicken coops, his greenhouses and his broken-down Lada — and gazes up at the village graveyard."


Again: God Bless America!

Since in the last couple of years we have been mostly hanging out in Eastern Europe (and mostly in the post-Soviet part of it), I often get people passionate about how evil America is try to "open my eyes" about evil America is.

This is how those convos go in a nutshell:

"Truth Seer": OMG! America is so evil! It is run by Lizard Jews who conspired to fuck up the world! Look at these youtube videos, at this photo of a homeless man in New York and at what it did in X, Y, Z, etc! Also, Soros! OMG!

Me: Let me stop you right there:

OK, I am willing to admit that these guys are slightly better at it than I am but you get the idea.

The US is not perfect but it gets way too much shit from everyone (including the Americans themselves) lately and very little recognition of how important its leadership actually has been in the world in so many ways.

PS: I think I have fallen off the LJ train again and have a lot of catching up to do. But not today. I just had way too much steak for dinner to undertake such a task now. I also had a giant cheese board all to myself.

Yay! US Election!

You guys all know how I love the US election, it is simply the best thing ever in the whole world. And I think the new season has just properly started. Yay! The Democrats' debates were a treat. I loved this the most:

It is worth zooming in on:

Marianne seems cool:

PS: Kamala was on fire (and found reasonably decent and not too cringy ways to use a lot of the canned bits she had prepared).
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Why are simple things so good?

We went on an overnight trekking trip to the mountains yesterday very early in the morning and came back a couple of hours ago very happy but also very tired, wet (except the kid, we managed to keep him dry) and very very hungry.

We did not want to go out but did not have much food at home so Helga quickly made some awesome potato mash with loads of butter and some black pepper and some good old tomato salad. Oh man, it was so good. Why are simple things so bloody good? I think we in the Western world have almost forgotten the art of eating when we are hungry not when we are bored. The food tastes so much better when you are properly hungry and the feeling of gratitude is automatic and comes naturally.

The kid loved it so much, he had a second helping and then some more and fell asleep very happy. So here is wisdom from me again gang: starve your kids, it makes them happy.

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