The English did it

So Notre Dame de Paris almost got destroyed in a fire. Just after Macron was a major bitch to the Brits at the EU Brexit summit exactly when they were going through some of the most difficult times for them in recent history. He was the most difficult European leader and did most of the bitching there.

So I say the English did it. Well maybe the Welsh (only England and Wales voted to leave, the Scots and Northern Ireland voted to stay). Just saying, don't write off the crazy idea that the Brits did it. Don't @ me gang.
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It's a dog's love

Batumi's street dogs are fun, they add another layer of life to the city. This fellow for example was going a little too fast while she wasn't really into it:

And he almost got there:

But in the end she went nuclear on him: "I said NO!":

And then she ran away to these other guys. She seemed into this white fellow in particular:

But he didn't look like he was into her much so I guess she is stuck with that overly enthusiastic ginger one. And that old longer haired guy wasn't interested at all. That woman on the bench was trying to call him over as he was leaving to pet him but as soon as he saw that she was empty handed he wasn't interested in her either:

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She wasn't the sharing type

This American woman bought a plate of crepes for herself at this street fair in central Tbilisi and sat down to enjoy them. This street dog saw her, came over and was like "Mmmmm, crepes! They smell so good. I bet they are good. Are they good?".

The woman wasn't the sharing type though. She did not want to share her crepes and just ignored the dog. And when she saw that the scene attracted everyone's attention, she pretended to type something on her phone looking pissed off.

The locals were not impressed, called the dog and shared some of their food with him. That guy in the orange sweater in the photo above was the first to share his food with the dog. Everyone ended up liking the dog and kinda not liking the woman. I still liked the woman though, she just really wanted her crepes and wasn't getting pushed into doing something she didn't want to do by everyone's attention and disapproval, good for her. And the dog wasn't starving.
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