Trump and media hate sex

So just like that Donald Trump have put SNL out of business (I have to say his war on media is effective). That presser was both wild and wildly entertaining, there is not much more for the SNL to do on it, he has done everything himself.

I must admit that all this hate sex Trump and the media keep having with each other is fascinating to watch. And it does leave you with a hint of that uncomfortable feeling you get when you know you have just watched a bit too much porn.
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Temples fall, temples rise

The newly built Catholic church towers over the ruins of the old synagogue in the north of Moldova.

Both Jews and Catholics are tiny minorities in Moldova these days. But apparently at some point in the past Moldova's capital was more than fifty percent Jewish.

This synagogue must have been stunning judging by what is left of it. It has stairs within one of its walls, which take you right at the top of it (that's where this photo is taken from).

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Fuck the Corrupt Elite

Romanians are sick and tired of their shamelessly corrupt elite. One of the things we witnessed a bit while there was the horrific impact of corruption and greed on Romania's unique wildlife and communities via deforestation, illegal logging and careless mining "on the cheap".

Romanians seem to have had enough and are not taking it lying down anymore, they took it to the streets and squares.

Please share this too if you want, they need every bit of international attention they can get, the situation there is dire. And if you can please watch tomorrow, and support Romania in its peaceful, united movement against its corrupt government and for a cleaner future.